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Eagle Eye Productions was set up to provide editing, production and Broadcast Engineering Services to the Broadcast TV industry. The company's aim, is to provide quality and professionalism in all that it involves itself with.

Eagle Eye Productions has over 40 years experience in TV Broadcasting systems, pre-production and post-production work in Broadcast TV. It has provided services for all of the the UK's TV Broadcasters and most of the Worlds News Broadcasters.

Eagle Eye Productions act as consultants to Broadcast TV companies and provide training services to Broadcast TV picture editors and journalists, as well as providing editing services to the news, sport and current affairs sections of Broadcast TV companies throughout the country.

Eagle Eye Productions has produced a series of full length feature programmes, following the Sir Nigel Gresley designed masterpiece - class A4 locomotive BITTERN - around the country during a series of excursions. Using footage obtained from helicopters and POV cameras actually fitted to the locomotive, these programmes provide extraordinary footage of an extraordinary locomotive.

Eagle Eye Productions has produced in association with the Science Museum London, a comprehensive series of programmes, detailing the history of the most famous steam locomotive in the world - FLYING SCOTSMAN. When completed, the history of this most famous steam locomotive, will be available to enthusiasts and Broadcaster's alike throughout the world, enabling funds to be raised, to bring this legend back to mainline running condition for future generations to enjoy.

Eagle Eye Productions provides, through it's Archive Service, unique footage to Broadcasters including a comprehensive collection of aerial footage of steam locomotives.

Eagle Eye Productions will continue to provide quality and excellence in all that it associates itself with.

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